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Few of us have ever been taught about money.  At NINE12, we equip you with the tools needed to make changes in your numbers and ultimately in your relationship with money.  There is plenty of grace for the financial decisions you have made.  Our tools will help you know your numbers and to stop worrying about money.

For over 30 years, NINE12 has come alongside people to help them with the following challenges:


·         Vehicle repairs

·         Groceries

·         Job changes

·         Adoption

·         Medical expenses


·         Back-to-school expenses

·         Debt reduction

·         Home ownership & rent

·         Education

·         Vehicle ownership

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Candice is a financial coach and a dynamic speaker who has taught hundreds of people to look at their relationship with money.  She teaches that your beliefs about money directly impact your financial freedom. Candice treats money like a tool when it comes to spending, giving, saving, and investing. 

After her parent's divorce, at the age of 16 Candice worked at UPS after school, helped her Mom get a job, and Candice began paying all the household bills.  She quickly learned they could only spend what they had; credit cards were not an option.

Candice, Founder of NINE12, received her BS and MBA degrees from Columbus University and continued with additional accounting coursework in the doctoral program at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

For over 30 years Candice and her husband, Steve, have owned JMHC, a multi-million construction company in Central Florida. They have four children. The Blomeleys currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

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