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Sid & Michelle

Sid & Michelle

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Couple and Builder

Kevin & Cat

"In 2008, we were just living the American dream – working hard, investing in real estate, and accumulating wealth.  It took 2 years of real estate downturn, and no company profits to share in, and no bonuses to arrive, to expose the truth: we were drowning in debt and in bondage to another master.

Money is a serious, complex, and often very private issue - discussions and thoughts about money reveal several emotions and we experienced them all. Candice lead us without judgment, embarrassment, or any facades - she has a simple approach she provides a roadmap to help you make educated decisions leading to a more desirable outcome.

Through Nine12, Candice taught us to invite the Holy Spirit into our finances.  Whether our numbers were in the black or the red, they were all God's.  We were taught how to do a Spending and also the freedoms in the yes's and no's in the process.

We have been living on a Spending Plan for over 13 years. We absolutely know that it is all His and He will redeem us in His own perfect way. Candice is leading God’s people out of the bondage of debt."


"Let me start by saying I'm a single mother of 3, and when I met Candice I was making ends meet only by the grace of God. I payed my bills the best I could, juggling this here and that there, always paying late fees because that's the only way I could keep buying my kids the things they need and some of the things they wanted as well.


Candice and the wonderful people of her ministry changed my life-financially, spiritually, and emotionally. I was feeling so alone and depressed, yet still very happy 'cause I was doing it for my kids. It was just so hard.


The difference with Candice is she educates and loves people as well. So many children can be changed - saved really - just from having decent clothes, and supplies for school, a ride to school that they feel confident about, and their mom having less stress, which makes the home a happier place for kids.


Its saving the future for all of us with each family that is blessed to know the love of people who really care."

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