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Sandy Beach

discover life without financial distress

Now is the time to stop worrying about money.

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Why We Exist


We are committed to help you know your numbers and to find solutions when you are in financial distress.  If you need support to make ends meet,  contact us,  NINE12 can help.  

If you'd like to know the ways we assist people who face financial distress, please go to the About link. 


If you would like to join us as we help others, go  to the Give link to view different ways of giving    through NINE12.

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“It was a stretch to say we were living paycheck to paycheck.  After spending time with Candice, we were able to not only begin to save for the future,

but to give to those in need.”


Success Stories

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Get Started

With NINE12, you'll be able to know your numbers and

be able to spend money wisely.

Whether you need help or you have help to offer, we invite you to join us.

Create a Spending Plan

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Make a plan.

Tell your money where to go rather than asking where it went each month.  Having a Spending Plan gives you freedom.

  • Download the NINE12 forms

  • Calculate your expenses

  • Define your spending habits

  • Define weekly expenses

  • Set up an accumulation account

  • Set up a realistic Spending Plan 

  • Create a debt reduction plan

  • Direct your money where to go

Meet with Candice


Know your numbers.

 Make an appointment to redefine your relationship with money. 

You will set goals that allow you to manage your finances.

  • Bring your numbers in order to create your Spending Plan

  • Create short term and long term goals

  • Understand your relationship with money

  • Meet to assess progress

  • Make plans for the future

Join a Giving Group


Give with greater impact.

When you are ready to give generously, join us in sharing resources to help those in need.

Join a giving group today.

  • 12 Individuals giving locally to profoundly impact another

  • Meetings scheduled twice a year

  • Members decide annual contribution

  • One year commitment

  • Be an answer to someone's prayer 

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Contact NINE12

2816 E. Robinson Street, Orlando, FL  32803


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